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Related article: Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 13:29:03 -0700 From: Manta Subject: After the Weekend (part 3 of "JV Swim Team") After the WeekendMan that was a wild weekend. We had such a good time. Eric surprised all of us with his quick participation in our team sport. It was hot.Now it's Monday school is finished for the day. As I was walking to the parking lot I ran into Eric."Heya, what's up?""Not much Paul. Man that was a fun weekend. Best time I have had for a long while.""Yeah, it was great. I really enjoyed myself too.""How often do you, your bro and Dylan get together.""Not often enough", I chuckled."Well, include me the next time you do.""We will. This was only my second time so I don't know what will happen. By the way, I noticed that you are shaved all over except your head. I wanted to aks but didn't want to ask in the locker room and then forgot. Mind my asking why?""Well there's a story behind that.""K, do you mind sharing?""No." Eric's Story"When I had turned 14 last year I started growing a little bit of pubic hair and chest hair.One day my best friend Guerry came over to swim in our pool. The parents were away at the time so we just stripped and jumped in naked. I noticed that he had no hair from the neck down and he said he shaved because it seemed to help his time with swimming. Well we swam around and horsed around for a while and pretty soon we were comparing our bods in front of a mirror in Cp Preteen Porn the bathroom. He suggested we find out who had a bigger cock and grabbed mine and began stroking. At first I pulled away but he was persistent and soon had me totally hard. While he was playing with mine he guided my hand to his and soon we were standing there with our cocks erect.Guerry moved in closer and lay his dick on top of mine. His was a little bit, probably bout half inch, longer. Mine was thicker though.After we compared Guerry asked me if I would help him shave as he hadn't shaved for a couple of days. I said sure and went and got a razor and cream from Dad's bathroom. He directed me how to shave him. I was especially careful around his cock and balls. Then he turned around and bent over telling me to shave his crack and butt. I applied the creme and Cp Preteen Porn proceeded to shave his crack. After that I put some creme all over his butt and shaved that. It was so hot! I never lost my boner.After I finished his butt he turned on the shower and climbed in.'Come on in', he invited.So I got in the shower with him. He took the soap and lathered me up. He stroked my cock and I thought I was going Cp Preteen Porn to cum but he had other plans. He got me all rinsed off and then knelt there and took my cock in his mouth.I fucking loved it. It was way cool to see the water cascading off his head as my dick went in and out of his mouth. Every time he pulled out drops of warm water would hit the shaft and I would almost cum. Then he would bury his nose in my crotch and just stay there until I stopped trembling. Several times he would stop and suck water into his mouth and then go down on me while he let the water trickle out and over my balls. He really knew how to give head.Well after what seemed like an eternity but was really only a few minutes Guerry stood up reached behind and turned off the water. He dried me off and then asked me if I wanted to be shaved. I agreed cuz I figured I could let it grow back if I did not care for the look.Guerry got the razor and creme and removed all my hair from the neck down. It was so erotic the feel of that razor scraping away all the hair on my body. I stayed rock hard. I almost came when he shaved around my cock and balls but he pinched the base of my dick and that stopped me.After he finished with my butt and crack he turned me around so I could see myself. It was so sexy. It made my dick look bigger, it felt so erotic, and I loved it. I reached down and started stroking myself.'Stop that', Guerry chuckled, 'I have other plans for that!'So saying he rummaged around the cabinets and came up with a bottle of baby oil. He got me to lie down and anointed my hard on with the oil. Then he squatted over my cock and just sat on it. Oh man you know what it feels like to experience that first fuck. Here I was inside my best friend. He had just shared something so intimate and erotic with me and now I was inside him. It was like we were one and I could not help it, I shot off immediately.Guerry chuckled cuz he knew I had come. He just sat there for a moment letting me catch my breath. Then I could feel his ass contract around my dick and it started getting hard. Pretty soon I was fully hard and Guerry started bouncing up and down on my dick again. After a few minutes Guerry grabbed his cock and sprayed a load from my forehead to my navel. He didn't stop fucking himself on me though. He just kept going up and down.His cock got a little soft for a few, but was soon at full mast again. Once it was fully hard again Guerry stood up. He leaned over and pulled me up. Then he said it was my turn. I was scared, but I wanted to know what he had felt. .He gently maneuvered me around until I was leaning over the counter. I had my head on my arms.The first thing Guerry did was eat me out. It was way sexy. Fuck, I felt like I had a marching band running around inside me. I got goosebumps all over. Then he stuck his tongue in me. My eyes snapped open and I howled. That seemed to egg him on as his tongue went in deeper. I groaned and moaned and just was enjoying myself thoroughly.After a while of eating me he slipped one finger in me. It hurt a little but not for long. Then he slipped another up in me and this pain went away shortly also. After a little bit he added a third and stopped eating me out. It was exquisite.Then he stood up and grabbed my hips and buried himself in me. I screamed.'Relax Eric. Pretend you are taking a shit and push out.'I pushed as he just stayed all the way inside me. Pretty soon I felt something inside me shift and I moaned cuz now it felt good.That's when he started fucking me. Oh god, I thought it had been great when I had my dick in him. This was nirvana. He really pounded my ass. I could hear his balls slapping my cheeks. The sucking sounds as his dick went in and out of me. I looked up to see an expression of rapture on my face in the mirror. I could also see Gurry's smiling face as he pounded in and out of me.That boy fucked me and fucked me. It was so cool. Suddenly I was coming. I had not touched my cock and I was cumming! Oh god. As my cum shot out all over the cabinets Guerry pulled out and grabbed my shoulder. He turned me around and pushed me to my knees. All the while jacking away. Then the first shot hit me in the forehead and started dribbling down my face. The second was on my nose. Then rapid fire three shots in my face. Then he was dribbling. I knew just what to do. I took the head in my mouth and began sucking the come out. Guerry shuddered and moaned and groaned as I sucked him empty. Once I had everything out he stood me up and began licking all his cum off my face.Once he had my face clean he moved his lips to mine and stuck his tongue out. It was way cool cuz I could taste him. Then he pushed the cum he had licked up into my mouth. God lord, I got hard again.Guerry just leaned back and smiled. I reached up to find his dick half hard. I just sank to my knees and took him in my mouth. He grabbed the back of my head with both hands and started fucking my face like he had been fucking my ass. I was gagging and not breathing at first, but after a minute my throat relaxed and then I began loving it.Well suddenly Guerry pulled out and pulled me up. He hugged and kissed me and we stood there glowing in each others arms. We both stood there until our dicks went down and then ran back to the pool and jumped in.'Guerry, you seem to have done this before.''I have but only with one guy. I had a lover who was 37 for the last two years. He had to move away because of a job last month. He taught me all about sex and not just sex with men. Hell he would not even sleep with me until we had known each other for a year. Once I seduced him he admitted that it had been difficult for him to keep his paws off me. That first time with him was wonderful. He sure liked to get fucked by me. It wasn't until three days before he left that he finally fucked me. I'll never forget that. When he stuck that cock in me I though I was gonna die. But he waited and when I relaxed he started slowly going in and out. After he sensed I was ready he started hammering me. He would talk dirty to me and fuck me. Oh it was great. But now he is gone. I really miss him, but am glad you and I are getting together now.'"So that's ehen and why I started shaving. Since we moved I have not fund anyone to help me shave. It's difficult to shave my butt and impossible to shave my back. Would you mind helping me shave?""That would be cool."I glanced over at Eric's crotch. It was hard to tell if he had a hard under his slacks. I knew I was hard and dripping in my underwear."Come on", I said, "We have about 45 minutes before practice. I need some dick and I know where we can go."Eric grinned this shit eating grin and followed me. I led him to an older part of the school. We went into one of the bathrooms there.The bathrooms in the old school have a door and then a small rectangular area that leads to a second door. Because of the age both doors squeak when opened. It was perfect for what we had in mind.Once inside I grabbed Eric's belt and undid his pants. I pushed his pants down and started licking him through his underwear. I Cp Preteen Porn love a guy in his underwear. After I had his underwear wet I reached in the fly and pulled his cock and balls through. I sat back on my heels and admired that boy meat poking out. Then I leaned forward and swallowed him all the way. Eric grabbed my head and began fucking my face.Suddenly he pushed me off and helped me up. He undid my pants and pushed them and underwear to my ankles. He turned me and I grabbed the stall door. I heard him spit and than he was all the way in. He started rough and continued hammering away. The cockslut I was becoming loved it. The stall door was bouncing, my eyes were closed and I think I was drooling. Eric was going to town.Then we heard the telltale squeak. Eric pulled out and I opened the stall in front of me. He hobbled into another stall and I hobbled into the one in front of me. I sat on the toilet and waited.As I was sitting I heard the door squeak again. Then the second door opened. Two guys laughing walked in."Look what we have here", said a vocie."Please Steve", answered, " Leave me alone.""AW, the little geeky boy wants to be left alone. Too bad. Turn around, NOW!""But Steve...""NOW!"There was some shuffling of feet. I was mad by this time. I pulled up my pants and exited. As I walked out Eric was leaving the stall he had been in.There were two guys other than the small guy who had been pissing. The smaller guy's hands were draped over his crotch. The two baddies were dressed in jeans and Tshirts."Looky here, two more to join the party", said one whose voice I recognized as Steve."I don't think so", Eric said."I do", replied Steve.With that Steve took two steps towards Eric. I saw movement out of the corner of my eye and then Eric's flattened hand was in the middle of Steve's face. Blood squirted out on either side and Steve backed up fast. He stumbled into a urinal and then slid down to the floor."I thibt oo bork me noose", he cried around his hands.By this time baddy number two was on the move. Eric saw him coming and his right foot pulled up to his butt. His foot then lashed out catching baddy two in the crotch. Baddy just stopped. Then his hands went to his crotch he doubled over and hit the floor, lying there in a fetal position.Eric grabbed "geeky boy" and said, "C'mon kid."We left the bathroom.Once we were out Eric introduced himself and me. The kid's name was Anthony. Seems Steve was a school bully and had been Cp Preteen Porn hammering on the kid for weeks. We took Anthony with us to the gym.Once we got to the gym we put Anthony in the bleachers. We went and got changed and then found Grant and Dylan. We told em what happened and Dylan said he would take Anthony home. I relayed this to Anthony who relaxed.
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